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Window Cats

The cats of Brighton

9 November
This is a place to put photos of the cats I see in the streets, in the gardens, and behind the windows of Brighton in the UK.

Sorry we don't pay royalties; if you see your cat here, please realise that this project is entirely innocent and that I took his or her photo only in order to add to it - and so that others could appreciate his or her beauty.

internetsdairy selflessly provides the following theme tune for windowcats. In the absence of the technology needed to record and stream it, please hum along to yourself as you peruse windowcats. Happy pussy-viewing.

Window Cats! Window Cats!
Ask you what the hell you're looking at!
Window Cats! Window Cats!
Live in a titanium ziggurat!
They've got style! They've got sass!
Feline robots made of plexiglass!

Look out! Because the Window Cats are coming to town...
Beware! They've little tolerance for sad-faced clowns...

Window Cats! Window Cats!
Razor-clawed maniacal acrobats!
Window-Cats! Window-Cats!
They run a little brothel from a Mayfair flat!

Window Cats!

(Sorry, I've very little idea what Window Cats might be. Oh - photos of cats. Hmm. Sorry, got carried away.)